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University of Utrecht Drift 23, Room 1.13 Utrecht/Netherlands

how to get to Utrecht

A map of Utrecht can be found here. Drift 23 is in the city centre. So click city centre in order to get the correct map. A map of the city centre in PDF-format is here available.

A Google Map

Grotere kaart weergeven

From Schiphol Airport

You can take the train from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht Central Station. The train leaves every 15 minutes and it takes about 30 minutes to get from Schiphol to Utrecht Central.

NOTE! If you travel by train you have to buy a ticket before you enter the train. If you do not have a ticket when the train guard ask you for it, you will have to pay a fine of 35 euro in addition to the price of your train ticket.

You can find out about train schedules: (English version available)

getting around in Utrecht


Utrecht is served by a network of buses. For bus transport, you need a special type of ticket called a "strippenkaart" (for sale at railway stations, post offices and tobacconists). Show your "strippenkaart" to the bus driver and name your destination. The driver will stamp off two "strippen" or more needed for a ride. One "strippenkaart" should be enough for the congress (you can of course purchase tickets in the bus, but those are much more expensive). Buses are in operation until shortly after midnight.


Utrecht Central Station has a taxi stand. Nearer to the congress sites there is a taxi stand on the 'Neude'. In other places of Utrecht, taxi's are available only on request! Call one of the taxi companies (e.g. Utrecht Taxi Centrale 030-2300400) from your hotel or a restaurant if you want to order one.

Cycling / Walking

Alternatively, you might want to go Dutch the right way: hire a bike at the railway station and cycle around (be sure to lock up your bike properly), or just walk your way around Utrecht.


This document provides some suggestions on hotel accommodation in Utrecht. Accommodation is available in several price categories. Bookings can also be done through the Hotel Service (#31 (0)30 2317576). Because of contracts with different hotels they can sometimes offer a lower price! Please note that actual bookings are the participant's own responsibility!

Maliehotel ****

Maliestraat 2, tel #31302316424, fax #31302340661 Eastern part of town, nice quiet residental area.

Hotel Amrâth ****

Vredenburg 14, tel #31302331232, fax #31302328451 City centre.

Hotel Mitland ****

Ariënslaan 1, tel #31302715824, fax #31302719003 On the north-eastern outskirts of town, quiet environment, bus stop close by.

Tulip Inn Utrecht Centre ***

Janskerkhof 10, tel #31302313169, fax #31302310148 City center. Early reservations reccommended!

Hotel Ibis ***

Bizetlaan 1, tel #31302910366, fax #31302942066 West of city centre, regular buses or tram to centre city.

Hotel de Admiraal **

Admiraal van Gentstraat 11, tel #31302758500, fax #31302758501 North-east of city centre, quiet residential area.

Hotel Bunschoten **

Balijelaan 1, tel #31302941420, fax #31302961934 South-west of city centre.

Oorsprongpark **

FC Donderstraat 12, tel #31302716303, fax #31302714619 North-east of city centre, quiet residential area

Parkhotel Eijtinger *

Tolsteegsingel 34, tel #31302516712, fax #31302516712 Southern edge of city centre, on canal.

Hostel Strowis

Boothstraat 8, tel #31302380280, fax #31302380280 Located in a quiet street in the old city centre.

Hotel de Rechtbank

Click here to open their website.

tourist information

Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre has its office at Vredenburg 90, tel.(0)900-4141414. They will provide you with any information you might require during your stay in Utrecht. Money, stamps, etc.

The main post office is on the Neude, a five minutes walk from the congress building. The post office has a number of phone booths. The Neude has several cash dispensers for Master Cards (giromaat). The ABN-Bank has a branch office on the Neude and the ING bank has one on Vredenburg, which have cash dispensers. There is also a GWK money exchange office at the Central Station of Utrecht (in the main hall) which has a cash dispenser as well.

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